Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Heritage Foundation’s 2009 Resolutions for America

Posted 1/01/09

Big changes are coming to Washington in 2009 with a new administration in the White House and a new Congress. As we prepare for these adjustments, here are the things we hope to see happen in the New Year.
Shall we tick them off the list together as they occur?

Fred News-Post: The Bottom Line/ The lines that divide us

By D.C. Rice, 12/31/08

As we rapidly approach what’s sure to be a difficult year, I think back to some of the optimism I saw as Barack Obama began to take the lead in many national polls during this past election season. President-elect Barack Obama has seemingly won over the hearts and minds of many with his promises of change and commitment to diversity.

But, it’s that commitment to diversity, something his supporters have been calling for over the past eight years, that has somehow managed to become a sensitive, perhaps even sore, issue to many of those same supporters. It would be almost laughable if it weren’t so sad.
Talk about convolted crybaby stuff. You'd think the libs were Hoodwinked...Okie-doked...when Rick Warren got the Obama inaugural invocation gig.

Balt Sun: 43 reasons we won't miss President Bush

By Thomas F. Schaller, 12/30/08

The Bush family devised a simple, numerical means to distinguish between the presidencies of father and son: George H. W. Bush was called "41," and George W. Bush became "43." To mark the imminent - and merciful - end of 43's reign, here are 43 remembrances of the departing administration.,0,7657650.story
Well, we all have our memories. Schaller actually leaves off the greatest faux pas: BAILOUTS! The GOP suddenly became a party with zero prinicples based on its outgoing President and the "bi-partisan" nature of economic events since September. - BGB

Columbia forum addresses health care reform

County residents offer suggestions to incoming president

By Derek Simmonsen, Columbia Flier, 12/30/08

President-elect Barack Obama wants to reform the nation’s health care system, and many Howard County residents are more than willing to tell him how. Roughly 200 people gathered at the Bain Center in Columbia yesterday to offer their ideas to the incoming administration on how to reform health care, one of hundreds of community meetings taking place around the country. The Obama transition team asked people to host the discussions between Dec. 15 and Dec. 31, and send in their ideas on health care reform for future action.

Want to energize conservatives and the Maryland GOP? Maybe this is a template with which to start. I can't remember the last time such a forum was organized around conservative solutions. Let's see...there's O'Malley's budget mismanagement, taxes, crime...must be something to talk about!

Seniors may benefit from waiver

High school students in the class of 2009, faced with a new graduation requirement, may be eligible for a waiver from that requirement, state education officials announced Dec. 18. The Maryland State Board of Education last week outlined a “limited waiver process” for seniors who have failed to meet the state’s new graduation requirements.
Sometimes you get what you pay for...sometimes you settle for what your money buys. A public education represents a 13 year investment of nearly $200,000 per student. Imagine that...

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